We are Fishi Fish

“Waking up in the morning, getting out of the boat and in such a short walk 
The sea converges with the city and the city joins the sea.
The path is full of contrast and infinite inspiration.
In the evening, when everyone comes home from work, I go to the sea…”

FISHI FISH is a unique, multidisciplinary brand by designer Doraya Avital Kancepolsky , specializing in designing and manufacturing small collections of carefully hand-crafted products.

FISHI FISH’s creative and artistic experience is nourished by a lifestyle that combines sea, nature and urban life. The connection between the sea and the city of Tel Aviv is the source of inspiration for her work.

Doraya is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She grew up on the beaches of Tel Aviv and spent most of her time in the water, surfing and partaking in competitive swimming.
She is a third-generation surfer. Her grandfather is “Topsea” – the legendary lifeguard at Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv and among the forefathers of the surfing scene in Israel.                                        Today she lives in the marina in Tel Aviv on a boat, with her husband Amit and their two children Harmony and Pele. The Marina became their home, where they found a sense of belonging and warmth.


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